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Do you want to apply for International Protection in Cyprus? Have you already applied and look to establish your life on the island? Was your application rejected?

With experience in Asylum law and the system of  authorities in Cyprus, we can offer you effective assistance in every step of the process, from your application, interview and appeal, to governmental support, residence and gainful employment:


  • Application: Advice on your situation and drafting of your application wherever you may be (police station, refugee camp, prison).

  • Interview: Face-to-face preparation for your interview.

  • Appeals: Representation in the appeal process before the Special Court of international Protection, in case your  application is rejected.

  • Release from Detention: Representation in order to be released from refugee camp or prison detention.

  • Criminal Cases: Advice and representation before the Criminal court (e.g. accused of illegal travelling).

  • Documentation: Help you acquire quickly all the necessary documents, such as alien book and work permit.  

  • Governmental Support: Help you secure grants for rent, groceries and pocket-money, and open a Bank account.

  • Pro Bono (free) assistance in finding a home, work and language education.


Do you need legal assistance on matters of Immigration? Do you want to acquire Cypriot citzenship or have problems with your visa?

We provide: 

  • ​Advice on your status and rights

  • Visa: Help to get or renew your residence/student/work visa

  • Citizenship: Help  with the entire process of getting citizenship, based on marriage, years of stay or the cypriot investment program

  • Help to bring family members in Cyprus.



Do you need a contract that protects your legal rights and achieve your goals? Are you about to sign a legal document? You wonder what your rights are under a contract?

We are experienced in drafting and advising on a wide variety of contracts and other legal documents: 

  • Rent Contracts for home and business premises

  • Employment Contracts 

  • Commercial Contracts 

  • Last Testimonies/Wills 

  • International Trusts

  • Statutes of Companies and other Organizations

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Registration of your company or organization


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Have you been fired unjustly or without getting the benefit of all your rights, such as compensation or payment for unused annual leave?   Do you have any problem with your employer or any claim against them.

We can effectively represent you before the Labour Relations Office and the Labour Court. 



Do you have any questions on Cypriot Law? 

We can help you find all the answers: 

  • Thorough Opinions: Draft comprehensive legal opinions on any area of law, with research on legislation and both foreign and local case law.

  • Multi-jurisdictional Specialization: Experience in multi-jurisdictional issues, involving EU law and Private International Law in conjunction with local law.

  • Oral legal advice to help you make decisions quickly and safely. 



Trusting EquaLaw, you can be sure to receive legal assistance with understanding for your situation and a variety of effective tools: 

  • Communication and translation of documents in Greek, English and French

  • Online face-to-face meetings via Skype, What's Up and Viber.

  • Online payments via Paypal and Western Union. 

  • Always friendly and responsive attitude. 


Cheikh, Client of D. Makrygiannis EquaLaw Firm

Trusted Representation

Demetris from D. Makrygiannis EquaLaw Firm assisted me with everything when i was in need. He represented me before the court, he visited me while i was in detention and we drafted together my asylum application. He, then, helped me complete the asylum process and find a home and a job. I now have a stable life, as an applicant for international protection in Cyprus.


Artas 1, Lakatamia, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2322   |   Tel.: +357 99061675    |    Fax: +35722321187

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